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According to an application for Revolutionary War benefits made by the children of Col. John SEVIER (Certificate issued 31 May 1839), he had married Catharine.

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Sevier County Schools The Sevier County School System is pleased to announce that three Reward Schools (Northview Primary, Seymour Intermediate, and Seymour Middle) were identified in the.

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Joseph Martin (general) - Wikipedia Joseph Martin, Jr. (1740–1808) was a brigadier general in the Virginia militia during the American Revolutionary War, in which Martin's frontier diplomacy with the.

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John Sevier - Wikipedia Early life. John Sevier was born in 1745 in Augusta County in the Colony of Virginia, near what is now the town of New Market (Sevier's birthplace is now part of.

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John Sevier | Tennessee Encyclopedia John Sevier, pioneer, soldier, statesman and a founder of the […]